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How's My Driving?

Posted on 2030.09.12 at 11:19
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If you feel that I'm not portraying Miss Pauling right, feel free to speak up and let me know! Auto-screening and IP tracking turn off, but generally I'm open to suggestions and criticism, so long as they're not flames.


Miss Pauling's Personal Private Notes

Posted on 2020.09.22 at 00:43
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I'm just the Assistant...Collapse )


Memo 005: Pods

Posted on 2011.10.26 at 00:30
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(After her conversations with Miss Ethelbert and the Captain, as well as her observations around town and the neighborhood, Miss Pauling quickly hurries back home and heads straight for the phone.)

Phone (filtered to the TF2 crew only)
Miss Pauling speaking here. This is urgent, are any of you around?

Action: around town with the BLU Medic
(It's not very often that you'll find the two of them together. But for today, it seems that Miss Pauling and the BLU Medic seem to be searching for something, or maybe even someone. With the Medic's track record though, it's probably one of the semi-droned people around Mayfield. Approach them at your own risk, especially if you've been podded.)

Action: Later, around town.
(She's heard that the RED Engineer isn't acting himself. That's good enough reason for her to start looking at those mysterious pods that have popped up all over town. She's about to rip one apart at this very moment. Did she rescue someone? Was it you? Or maybe you're just watching her, and you want to help her out?)

A. Phone (Filtered away from The Doctor, The Major and Schrodinger)

Thank you to everyone who came by the hospital and defended it. It wasn't easy, but we did it, and I'm really grateful for everyone's cooperation.

B. Phone (filtered to both the RED Spy and the BLU Spy)

Would it be possible for me to see the two of you today? Sometime before lunch?

C. Phone (filtered to the BLU Sniper, hackable)

Mr Mundy, I was wondering whether you'd like me to take you around town today? If it's not too much trouble, I can meet up with you after lunch.

D. Action (around 1337 Benny Road)

(Miss Pauling seems to be busy with something, being up early in the morning. It looks like she's baking...something. However, based on the annoyed look on her face, it doesn't seem to be working...there's a strong smell of cookies in the kitchen, with just a tinge of a burning smell. Anyone who happens to be awake at 8am in the morning and around 1337 Benny Road may just get a free sample cookie with some crumbly black bits.)

E. Action
(If anyone's around the neighborhoods, they'll see Miss Pauling holding a slip of paper as she navigates through all the houses in the hope of finding one. She's got a bag of something that's emitting a nice smell, if a bit burnt. Approach her?)

F. Action (726 Anderson Lane)

(With some help from the Spies, she found out where Miss Susan stays at. With a bag of cookies (only slightly burnt on the edges) she finds herself at the doorstep. She looks a bit anxious, but eventually she gets enough courage to knock on the door.)


Memo 003: Hospital

Posted on 2011.09.19 at 04:40
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Phone (filtered to Team Fortress 2 canon mates):

Everyone, the RED Sniper and I are going up to the hospital. Our chances of surviving the zombies would be higher in groups, so head up to the hospital if you can. You're welcome to bring friends with you, but their safety can't be guaranteed, especially if they can't fight. And if you've been infected...please do the right thing and stay away. It's harsh, but it can't be helped.

Phone (filtered to GLaDOS):

Miss GLaDOS, I hope that the zombies haven't gotten to you yet. If they haven't, the RED Sniper and I are holing up in the hospital. We could use your inventions to help defend against the zombies. Please help us.

Action (near the hospital):

You'll catch Miss Pauling running towards the building. Or maybe you're surrounded by a zombie or two? Whatever it is, better call out to her quickly before she slips into the hospital.

((OOC: after posting here, feel free to head over to the RED Sniper's log here and start posting if you want to join the survivors in the hospital))

pauling, travel

Memo 002: Break for lunch

Posted on 2011.09.16 at 15:00
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A. Action at school (around 11.45am)

Miss Pauling's currently wondering around the back of the school with a lunchbox in hand. She'd made some simple fried rice for lunch and true to her word she's here to share some with the RED Sniper. Feel free to speak to her while she waits for him, or if you are the RED Sniper, come and pick her and your lunch up.

B. Action at town (after the school)

Now she's just heading around town and the residential areas, checking out the rest of Mayfield. She's got a book in one hand and a pencil in the other and every so often she'll stop to write something down. Approach her?


Memo 001: Meet the Assistant.

Posted on 2011.09.12 at 11:56
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A. Action for 1337 Benny Road.

[The first thing Miss Pauling notes when she opens her eyes is how bright the bedroom is. She shuts her eyes tightly, having not yet readjusted to the light. However, when she opens them up again, she immediately notes something else.

The walls around her weren't coloured purple.

Confused, she reaches for her glasses at the bedside table, only to note that they weren't her usual optic wear either. They were just the wrong shape.]

That's strange, where are my glasses...?

[Her hands fumbled around for her familiar pair of spectacles, until she accidentally knocked over the lamp with a resounding smash.]


B. Phone

Hello? Is there anyone there? I...I think I've been kidnapped!


Private Notes Week 2 (incomplete): September 18th to September 20th

Posted on 1991.09.18 at 18:25
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September 18th to September 20thCollapse )


Private Notes: Week 1 (September 12th to September 17th)

Posted on 1991.09.17 at 00:18
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Week 1 (September 12th to 17th)Collapse )